Catholic Spiritual Treasures: Exceptional Classics To Build A Strong Catholic Faith

The Catholic Spiritual Treasures program is a unique project from

For years I've referred people to my favorite books, articles and audio programs, just as others have pointed me to some excellent resources.

But too often, we just aren't able to take advantage of all those good sources. Sometimes, we're too busy at the moment. Or we can't find a copy of the book or article. Or we don't want to read a whole book when all we want is the information in just one section.

So we lose the chance to learn something that could be a great benefit to our faith!

(And what about all those wonderful sources we haven't even heard about yet?)

But in the online world, there's a better way...

Re-publishing online

Now is obtaining the online publishing rights of a number of print works that are ideal for Catholics and soon-to-be-Catholics who want to build a strong, vibrant faith and spiritual life.

We're finding some excellent print sources to help you develop your faith, and are re-publishing them online!

We'll publish online some outstanding Catholic works:

  • Clear guides to the Catholic faith
  • Expert guidance on prayer by spiritual masters
  • Treasures from recent books and out-of-print classics
  • Large collections of Catholic prayers

I have hand-selected each of these works. Each presents some aspect of the Catholic faith or the spiritual life with unmatched clarity. Each is written by a world-renowned author, recognized as an expert in his or her field.

Catholic Spiritual Treasures is a brand-new publishing project. It will make a wide variety of works available in several different formats.

Online articles

Our section on the Sacraments contains abridged content from Fr. Leo Trese's beloved classic The Faith Explained. Fr. Trese's book is a rich treasure for both new and life-long Catholics.

eBooks for deeper learning

Our series of eBooks delivers book-length content available for immediate download in the convenient Adobe Acrobat electronic format.

If you're new to eBooks or would like to know why we chose this publishing format, click here.

100 Favorite Catholic Prayers is a wonderful free collection of traditional Catholic prayers.

This is a collection that you can really use. It contains morning & night prayers, prayers for use throughout the day, acts of contrition, faith, hope, & charity, and more.

Following Christ Through The Gospels is a terrific resource for both prayer and Bible study.

This classic by renowned priest Father Bernard Basset is a guided, prayerful tour of more than 200 key Gospel passages.

Fr. Basset wrote this book to help people meet Christ in the Bible, gain a deep understanding of the Gospels, and develop a solid prayer life.

How To Read The Parables gives you the key to unlocking Christ's parables in the Gospels.

Jesus used many parables and similes to describe the concept at the very heart of his preaching—the "kingdom of heaven."

Written by renowned Scripture scholar Father Leopold Fonck, S.J., How To Read The Parables describes what a parable is and how it works, examines Jesus' own explanations of various parables, and teaches you the essential principles for interpreting them.

Understanding the Kingdom of God is an excellent guide to the important concept of the "Kingdom of God".

Proclaiming the Kingdom of God was the center of Jesus' whole public life. He tells us plainly in the Gospels that he was sent to announce, establish, and unite all the faithful in this new kingdom. Gaining a solid understanding of this concept is essential for every Christian's faith.

The material in this eBook was also written by renowned Scripture scholar Father Leopold Fonck, S.J., author of our How To Read The Parables eBook.

More treasures are coming soon!

The Catholic Spiritual Treasures program is an ongoing project here at

I'll bring new works online frequently, so check back soon!

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