Following Christ Through The Gospels—Table of Contents

This is the complete table of contents from Following Christ Through The Gospels.

This is a big list! I'm sure you'll find many passages here that will be wonderful to go through with Fr. Basset as your own expert guide.

Don't forget that I've put passage #75 in the book online for you to read as an example, and Fr. Basset's own "How To Use This Book" chapter is also online. (Both links open new windows.)

Part I: The Birth And Childhood Of Our Lord

1. Zachary and Elizabeth (i) 2. Zachary and Elizabeth (ii) 3. "The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived of the Holy Spirit" 4. "Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word" 5. "And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1, v.14) 6. St. Joseph's Dream 7. The Visitation (i) 8. The Visitation (ii) 9. The Magnificat 10. The Benedictus 11. The Birth of Our Lord (i) 12. The Birth of Our Lord (ii) 13. Gloria in Excelsis 14. "The sign by which you are to know him" 15. Peace on Earth 16. The Crib 17. The Epiphany 18. Witness of the Light 19. A Stranger in the World 20. Welcome to Our Lord 21. The Flight into Egypt 22. The Circumcision and the Holy Name 23. Our Lady 24. The Purification (i) 25. The Purification (ii) 26. The Purification (iii) 27. The Finding in the Temple 28. The Hidden Life 29. Nazareth 30. St. Joseph (i)

Part II: The Public Ministry

31. St. Joseph (ii) 32. The Preaching of John 33. The Baptism of Our Lord 34. The Temptation in the Desert 35. "Ecce, Agnus Dei" 36. The Call of St. Andrew 37. The Call of St. Philip 38. The Call of Nathanael 39. The Wedding at Cana 40. Healing the Sick 41. The Sermon on the Mount 42. The Beatitudes (i) 43. The Beatitudes (ii) 44. The Beatitudes (iii) 45. The Beatitudes (iv) 46. The Beatitudes (v) 47. The Beatitudes (vi) 48. The Beatitudes (vii) 49. The Beatitudes (viii) 50. The Salt of the Earth 51. The Light of the World (i) 52. The Light of the World (ii) 53. The Law and the Prophets 54. The Letter and the Spirit 55. Impurity and Mortification 56. Swearing 57. "An eye for an eye" 58. "Love your enemies" 59. Sounding a Trumpet 60. Sincerity in Prayer (i) 61. Sincerity in Prayer (ii) 62. The Our Father (i) 63. The Our Father (ii) 64. The Our Father (iii) 65. The Our Father (iv) 66. The Our Father (v) 67. The Our Father (vi) 68. "Teach us how to pray" 69. The Friend at Midnight 70. The Pharisee and the Publican 71. The Importunate Widow 72. Thanking God 73. Fasting 74. Treasure in Heaven 75. God or Money (available as a sample!) 76. Worry 77. Rash Judgment 78. The Fatherhood of God 79. Charity 80. The Narrow Gate 81. False Teaching 82. "Figs from thistles?" 83. Practicing What We Preach 84. The House Built upon Rock 85. The Leper 86. "Domine, non sum dignus" (i) 87. "Domine, non sum dignus" (ii) 88. The Widow of Naim 89. Peter's Mother-in-Law 90. "Foxes have holes" 91. "Lord, save us" 92. The Possessed Man 93. "Go home to thy friends" 94. The Sick of the Palsy 95. Publicans and Sinners (i) 96. Publicans and Sinners (ii) 97. New Wine in Old Wineskins 98. The Woman with an issue of Blood 99. Jairus' Daughter 100. The Deaf and Dumb Man 101. Compassion on the Multitude (i) 102. Compassion on the Multitude (ii) 103. "Preach as you go" 104. "Pax vobiscum" 105. Sheep and Wolves 106. Serpents and Doves 107. Persecution 108. Courage 109. Not Peace, but a Sword 110. Security 111. Welcome to Priests (i) 112. Welcome to Priests (ii) 113. The Woman of Samaria (i) 114. The Woman of Samaria (ii) 115. The Woman of Samaria (iii) 116. "One man sows, and another reaps" 117. "You would not dance when we piped to you" 118. "My yoke is easy" 119. The Sower 120. "Why dost thou speak to them in parables?" 121. The Seed that Fell by the Wayside 122. The Seed that Fell on Rocky Ground 123. The Seed that Fell Among Briers 124. The Seed that Fell upon Good Ground 125. The Tares 126. The Mustard Seed 127. Leaven 128. The Pearl 129. The Feeding of the Five Thousand 130. Christ the King 131. Crossing the Lake 132. Manna 133. The Night Spent in Prayer 134. Walking on the Water 135. Genesar 136. Traditions 137. The Blind Leading the Blind 138. The Canaanite Woman 139. The Sign of Jonas 140. "We have brought no bread" 141. "Thou art Peter" (i) 142. "Thou art Peter" (ii) 143. "Back, Satan!" 144. Following Our Lord 145. The Price of the Soul 146. The Transfiguration 147. Moving Mountains 148. The Temple Pence 149. Little Children (i) 150. Little Children (ii) 151. Little Children (iii) 152. Scandal 153. The Lost Sheep 154. "If thy brother does thee wrong" 155. "Where two or three are gathered together in my name" 156. Seventy Times Seven 157. The Unmerciful Servant 158. "The Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" 159. The Rich Young Man (i) 160. The Rich Young Man (ii) 161. The laborers in the Vineyard 162. Our Lord Foretells His Passion 163. The Sons of Zebedee 164. "Whoever would be a great man among you" 165. The Two Blind Men 166. Cleansing the Temple 167. The Barren Fig-Tree 168. The Two Sons 169. The Marriage Feast 170. The Greatest Commandment 171. The Good Samaritan 172. Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees (i) 173. Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees (ii) 174. Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees (iii) 175. Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees (iv) 176. Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees (v) 177. Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees (vi) 178. The Unjust Steward 179. The Ten Lepers 180. The Wise and Foolish Virgins 181. Zacchaeus 182. Our Lord Weeps over Jerusalem 183. "Lord, to whom should we go?" 184. "For me the time is not ripe yet"

Part III: The Passion

185. "Are there not just twelve hours of daylight?" 186. "The disciples did not understand all this at the time" 187. "The paschal feast... was drawing near" 188. Judas 189. "I have longed to share this paschal meal" 190. "The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them" 191. The Washing of the Feet (i) 192. The Washing of the Feet (ii) 193. The Last Supper 194. "Before the cock crows" 195. The Agony in the Garden 196. The Arrest of Our Lord 197. Peter's Denial 198. "Prophesy, who is it that smote thee?" 199. The Crowning with Thorns 200. Simon of Cyrene 201. The Crucifixion 202. Calvary 203. "He saved others" 204. "This was indeed a just man" 205. Death of Our Lord

Part IV: The Resurrection And Ascension

206. The Resurrection 207. The Road to Emmaus (i) 208. The Road to Emmaus (ii) 209. "Were not our hearts burning within us?" 210. "You, therefore, must go out" 211. The Ascension

Part V: Pentecost & The Holy Spirit

212. Pentecost 213. The Holy Spirit (i) 214. The Holy Spirit (ii) 215. The Holy Spirit (iii) 216. The Holy Spirit (iv) 217. The Holy Spirit (v) 218. The Acts of the Apostles

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